Today I want to talk to you about a solution to two things you might already be concerned about: taxes and the upcoming winter season.

If you’ve been sitting bundled up in your home with the fireplace going or the central heating on, you should know that you have options for escaping the winter’s chill.

You might already have been thinking about moving south to the warmth and beauty of the Florida coast, but even so, there are several reasons why almost 7 million other people are expected to move down to Florida over the next three years:

1. Winter in Florida? We love it! We traded in our snow boots for flip-flops and the snow itself for white sand. We still have a white Christmas—they’re just on the beach!

2. We are one of the top places for commutes. The typical person spends on average 23 minutes in a car in our area. How much time are you spending either in a car, train, cab, or walking? I bet it’s more than that!

3. Golf. Are you sad to be finished with your season? Well, down in Florida, you can golf year-round.

4. Boating. We have access to our boats year-round, and there are so many options when it comes to this pastime, like leisurely boating, cruising down the intracoastal and taking in the view, and even going out to the open sea for some deep-sea fishing.

5. Above and below the water. Enjoy unbelievable underwater scenery with our many options for scuba diving activities. You can also spend time on the water with paddle boarding and kayaking.

6. Entertainment. Imagine going to a great outdoor concert near the beach! We have great venues for theater, professional shows, cultural entertainment of all types, and also some great museums. Further still, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are only two and a half hours away—a trip to Disney World will never be as within reach as it would be if you lived here.

“I love living and selling the Florida lifestyle, and I think you’ll love it here as I much as I do.”

7. Exploration. Also two and a half hours away are the Florida Keys, a perfect place to spend the weekend.

8. Taxes. Florida doesn’t have a state income tax; why is that important now more than ever? Well, with the new federal tax laws, if you are a high net-earner, you’re going to see a substantial increase in your tax bill. Come down to Florida and save money on your new home and property taxes and by not having to pay state income taxes.

I love living and selling the Florida lifestyle, and I think you’ll love it here as I much as I do. To see what properties are for sale or to have any questions answered, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Treu Group Real Estate. We can help you find the right home in the right community with the right lifestyle you want.