Our business is not about real estate. It is what we do however it is not who we are or why we are in business. Who we are and why we do what we do comes from my desire to create opportunities for clients and team members. Opportunities to help them achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality.

Our passion and commitment come from my past and fuels the present and the future. Creating something out of nothing is in my blood. Growing up my parents built homes and it always amazed me how a dusty piece of land was transformed into a community full of hopes and dreams. Even as a small child, the process was inspirational. Then one day, a tragic situation occurred, we experienced a devastating fire that caused us to lose our home and my parents lost their business. So, it was the first chance for me to realize that I could overcome adversity. Even in the 3rd grade, I realized that if you had your family around you, it will all work out…somehow. It is no wonder that I was drawn to establishing a family business. 

“Since 1989, I have been committed to our clients.”

While buying our first home, we had a very disappointing experience; we felt alone and unguided by our real estate agent. One day, my husband, Steve, said I should start selling real estate as I could make a huge difference to buyers and sellers. 

After all these years I still remember our first home buying experience and it encourages me every day to be better.

Since 1989, I have been committed to our clients. To me, committed means being willing to say anything, do anything that needs to be done, and go anywhere to achieve the goals of our clients. The best things in life for me have come out of adversity which becomes an amazing opportunity.

This level of commitment includes having the best team members, the most innovative marketing, an in-depth area knowledge, and strong negotiation skills.

We are honored to have earned Barbara Corcoran’s trust and we look forward to earning your business and your trust too.